Don’t Miss the 2016-17 Quarterly A+ Network Webinar Series

Once again, A+ will offer a series of Network webinars this school year.  Each webinar offers updates, current news and happenings, DPI updates, school sharing and professional development for A+ administrators and educators.  All webinars take place from 4-5 p.m. eastern time and require pre-registration. Dates for this year's A+ Network webinars are: 9/8/16, 12/1/16, 3/2/17 and 5/4/17. Webinars are recorded and are uploaded on the A+ Wikispace hosted by NC DPI at

Please register for the September 8 webinar at

To register for the 12/1/16, 3/2/17 and 5/4/17 webinars, please go to