The Five Day Institute

“My teachers have told me that the A+ professional development is the best staff development that they have ever had. It is extremely high quality and we have been thrilled with what our staff takes away from each A+ experience." --Nick Harvey, Former Principal, Rochelle Middle School

The Five-Day Institute is a school’s official entry into the A+ Network. The Institute is a highly experiential opportunity for participants to engage with the Essentials of the A+ Schools Program. Through individual, grade level, small group, whole-school and cross-school experiences, educators assess their instructional practices and learn to apply new information. The Five-Day Institute provides highly reflective ways to process and implement A+ structure and strategies.

Professional development in A+ schools is conducted by practicing classroom teachers and specialists, administrators, teachings artists and writers who work as a network to help guide the A+ Schools Program and conduct professional development for A+ schools and A+ partner organizations. These professionals are called A+ Fellows. As a group, the A+ Fellows represent the many perspectives of the school community and the community at large. Many of the A+ Fellows teach in A+ schools, some work in different schools and in other settings. Using this “practitioner model” for professional development allows A+ Fellows to continually practice what they teach and teach what they practice.