Becoming an A+ Partner

A+ teachers visit the Cameron Art Museum

In its professional development for its network schools, A+ Schools of North Carolina includes strategies to partner with area community resources, particularly arts and cultural resources (arts councils, visiting artists, community colleges and universities). The A+ approach is to build capacity within the schools to forge their own partnerships, which they have done successfully, with local, state and national organizations.

However, the leadership of A+ Schools of North Carolina also maintains these kinds of community partnerships on behalf of the entire N.C. network of schools. A+ Partners include education, arts and cultural organizations that have collaborated on multiple projects, grants or other initiatives, or have provided financial or other support.

Arkansas A+

Cameron Art Museum

Department of Public Instruction

Louisiana A+

North Carolina Museum Art

Oklahoma A+

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art


Are you interested in finding out more about becoming an A+ Partner? Then please contact us at or by phone at (919) 807-6503.