Becoming an A+ Fellow

A+ Fellows Spring Planning Meeting

A+ Fellows are professionals who conduct professional development for A+ schools and partner organizations. Because A+ professional development is based on a strong practitioner model, the Fellows are leaders in the arts and in education. Our current cadre of Fellows is comprised of practicing classroom teachers, arts and special area teachers, administrators, artists and writers. As a group, they represent the varied perspectives of the school community and the community at large, and include teaching artists, school-based educators and administrators, district level leaders and higher education faculty.

Many of the A+ Fellows are currently teachers in A+ schools, and others work in non–A+ schools or in the community at large. Using this model for professional development allows A+ Fellows to continually practice what they teach and teach what they practice.

A+ Fellows enter the network as apprentices (potential Fellows) with a wide range of expertise and experience and are asked to serve in this “developmental apprenticeship” role for one year, observing and assisting fellows as they conduct professional development. During this first year, Apprentice Fellows consider how their particular strengths might be used and what areas they need to develop. Fellows are then assigned to work on teams that allow them to use their expertise.

Steps to Becoming an A+ Fellow
Our Apprentice Fellows cohort is selected biennially. We are currently accepting applications for the spring 2018 cohort of potential Apprentice Fellows. 

1) Contact the A+ Schools Program Director Michelle Burrows  to express your interest: Email or call (919) 807-6503. Most A+ Fellows come to us through the recommendation of a current A+ Fellow, a N.C. Arts Council staff member, an administrator in an A+ school, or an A+ friend.

2) All potential Fellows are required to sumbit the following materials by noon on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018:

  • Cover letter
  • Completed application form
  • Letter of recommendation from a principal, supervisor, current A+ Fellow or N.C. Arts Council staff member
  • Current resume
  • A video showing the applicant teaching students or adults (uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo with link provided)

3) Attend initial information session, by invitation, on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018. Determine if being an A+ Fellow sounds right for you. We’ll be determining if you are a good fit for current A+ needs.

4) Attend two days of Apprentice Fellows’ training, by invitation, on Saturday, March 10 and Saturday, April 21, 2018. Process, ask questions, reflect, explore your expertise and areas for growth. Determine if A+ is still a good fit for you. We will do the same.

5) Become an Apprentice Fellow, by invitation. Attend the Spring A+ Fellows Planning Meeting May 18-20, 2018, in Raleigh.

6) “Shadow” veteran A+ Fellows during the summer A+ Conferences and Institutes and onsite professional development, observing, assisting and questioning.

7) Enjoy the opportunity to “sit on your expertise” while observing A+ processes. Reflect and grow along the way to becoming an A+ Fellow.

Each Apprentice Fellow is invited to become an A+ Fellow on an individualized time frame. Some Apprentice Fellows move quickly into the Fellows role, while others take longer to build their understanding, comfort and experience.

Helpful Documents

Apprentice A+ Fellows Application
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Characteristics of A+ Fellows
A+ Fellows: Q & A

Applications for the spring 2018 cohort of potential Apprentice Fellows are currently being accepted. The deadline for all materials is noon on January 5, 2018.

2018 New Apprentice Fellows Process Calendar
(all events are by invitation only; attendance is required in order to be considered as an Apprentice Fellow)
January 5, 2018 - All materials due to A+ Schools office to indicate interest in A+ Apprentice Fellows program
February 10, 2018 - Potential A+ Fellows Information Session, 1 to 4 p.m., Raleigh
March 10 and April 21, 2018 - Potential A+ Fellows Training, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Raleigh
May 18-20, 2018 - Spring A+ Fellows Planning Meeting, Raleigh